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Easily Moved Story


A client once asked me how long I have been in this business.

I surprised even myself when I blurted out: "Since I was six years old."


My toys were organized by type and my Barbie's clothes were arranged neatly and according to season


Later, as a young adult, I was always the first to volunteer to help friends who were moving.


I have always loved to organize and always loved to help people. The creation of Easily Moved was the perfect combination of the two.


I run an extremely efficient woman-powered business. My staff consists of the highest caliber organizers and packers. We care about your home and its contents as much as you do.


Easily Moved's range of services consists of far more than justpacking and unpacking the contents of your home or business. We can help you sort through your possessions and find a suitable solution for anything you may no longer want.

If you are interested in selling a specific item I can connect you to potential buyers.

For items you wish to donate, I can arrange for pick-up and delivery to the charity of your choice.

Our newest addition to the team is a handyman who can assist you with small jobs that need tending to.

I work with several moving companies that I trust and arrange for moving supplies at discounted rates. I have recently started going green and often supply reusable packing boxes.

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